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My Style in a Day’s Work

They say you work how you’re dressed, so if you look like a slob you won’t have it in your spirit to get much done. If you’re dressed like a million bucks you might be pretty damn productive. I would hold this philosophy as true. I work in a very relaxed and casual environment and it’s hard not to dress in Nike’s finest looking like a stylish soccer mom on a daily basis. I truly appreciate being comfortable, but on the flip side I feel amazing when I’ve put effort into getting dressed for work. I even get up from my desk more than I normally would when I’m in my Dri-Fit. To make sure I am comfortably stylish and productive, here are the 5 pieces that help me make that happen:

  1. Apple Watch: I love, love, love my Apple watch. Without a doubt I am a watch girl, but because I am a girl who who works in marketing with emails to answer, endless conference calls and meetings I have to find a way to stay efficient. This watch is not just keeping time it’s keeping my life in order all while telling me how much I moved and my heart rate. I also, don’t have to pull out my phone in a meeting when I get a text or a call because I see it on my wrist.
  2. Blue jean jacket: My boyfriend would burn my blue jean jacket (and my hair scarf) if he could. He hates it with a passion because I wear it all the time, but here’s the thing…it goes with everything and it keeps me warm in an office that always feels like a freezer box.
  3. Riding Boots: I live in Michigan and while I’m a valley girl at heart, the weather doesn’t allow me to wear flip flops and tank tops all year round. On top of that I don’t find corns and bunions attractive, so riding boots help ease the pain of having cold and ugly feet.
  4. Crossbody Bag: Just as much as I’m on site moving around the office, I’m off-site moving around the city and my cross body holds everything I need with me over packing it with things I don’t need. Mobility in and out of the car is made easy.
  5. Fitted Khaki Pants: At some point in your life you have to let leggings go. Yes, they are the go to bottoms, but they don’t always fit the occasion, i.e. business meetings. My grown up replacement for them are fitted khaki pants. They are soft and comfortable making movement a breeze.

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