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Beauty: Eye Alert

“After a long night or a long flight”…that was the line that grabbed my attention. Even though I don’t look a day over 14 years old, it is no secret that I am NOT a spring chicken. I’d been searching high and low for an eye cream that would combat eye fatigue, wrinkles and puffiness in one bottle. The gotcha, gotcha is that it had to use natural ingredients. I have super sensitive skin and I didn’t want to start another problem trying to solve the initial issue. So, I gathered my resources…Google! I searched ‘Top 10 Eye Creams of 2015” and like magic, every magazine and website that had an editorial piece covering eye creams popped up. I chose the top 5, read all of the online reviews and headed in-store to compare. I ended up discovering Kiehl’s products and fell in love. They were all natural and inexpensive. Kiehl’s Eye Alert has been everything to me. Depending on the weather, my eyes may or may not be puffy and sometimes I they may look a little fatigued when I stay up too late looking at the computer. Eye Alert is helping to solve my problem. Between the blend of Cucumber and Alfalfa extracts, Vitamin E and Caffeine your eye area is lightened, brightened and tightening all in one breath. And for $22.50 I would say it’s worth a try.

Kiehl’s Eye Alert, $22.50 available here.


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