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P.O.W.: The Corner Store Shopper

Think back to the very first time as a teenager or possibly younger, when you were able to walk to the corner store. You made sure you were dressed to perfection because you knew you might run into somebody from the ‘hood and there was no question on if you would be making a stop…or two. So, you get to the store and you pick up a few Sugar Daddy’s, candy cigarettes, Chuckles, Chick-o-Sticks, Jaw Breakers, Boston Baked Beans, two Faygo pops and some barbecue Better Maid chips. The cashier accepts your payment and bags your items in the famous corner store white plastic bag with ‘Thank You’ outlined in red repeatedly. You had so much junk food stuffed into your bag that you had to pray that it didn’t break.

Now imagine if 10 years later your very first corner store bag was immortalized. You could place your hearts desire inside of it and the bag breaking is not even a thought. Cast of Vices out of Los Angeles has made The Corner Store Shopper  your reality. Each bag is hand embossed and sewn, using the finest lambskin leather to achieve the highest quality. It’s available in black and white with 3 different styles: Thank You, Have a Nice Day and Recycle.

Corner Store Shopper, $198 (Cast of Vices) available here

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