Day: November 23, 2015

Moncler x The Rolling Stone Capsule Collection

Designers have found the perfect way to capture a collaboration still managing to save money on the production end of the deal with capsules. Capsules are the new mini collections that we are seeing more and more of. Moncler has joined the crowd teaming up with The Rolling Stones for the new spring 2016 men’s capsule collection to celebrate their [Moncler’s] 50th anniversary. These four lightweight padded leather jackets are perfect for spring in their construction and the added touch of The Rolling Stone’s iconic logo – a large mouth with the tongue stick out is the ‘one of its kind’ added value. Looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man you love, hint, hint ladies! Expect the capsule collection to be available in Moncler flagships, selected luxury department stores and on starting this month.    

Try It Before You Buy It: OPI Nail Studio

All women do it… we walk into the nail salon with chosen nail polish in hand and discover that there are so many more colors on the spectrum to choose from. While you wait every color around you grabs your attention and you pick them up and test paint all of your nails trying to figure out what’s best. Then you finally make a decision and it does not include the $26 Chanel polish you walked into the salon with. What a waste! I have a real life issue with wasting money on a product that I will never use again and especially nail polish. What if you could try every nail polish color that your heart desired from the desk-side at work before you arrive at the nail shop? What if you could test them out without the smell of nail polish filling the air? There is a beauty God because O.P.I. has now made that possible! You can now visit O.P.I.’s Nail Studio and with a few steps you can make your final …