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5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year and dragging around a purse with everything I own in it is not an option. On any given night you can bet your bottom dollar I have these 5 items with me and here’s why:


Jo Malone Cologne: My philosophy is before they see you they should smell you. Remember scent is the closet thing tied to memory. The win-win here is that it’s unisex so if you run into a man who forgot to run through water and soap just spray it on the back of his shirt when his back is turned.

EOS Organic Lip Balm: I don’t want to talk to a man who’s lips are dying to be moisturized, so why would a man want to talk to me if my lips are crusty? This is also a must because it helps all of my lip glosses and lip sticks spread evenly.

Chanel Glow Stick: I am not big on wearing make up. If I have on make up 9/10 I have a blemish that just wouldn’t let me be great. I am big on making sure I look a alive with a healthy glow and the Chanel Glow Stick is small and very easy to apply.

Powerbeats2  Wireless Earbuds: I am a mom and when I have to drop my son off before I go out for a night on the town I cannot afford to break my lovely iPhone trying to figure out where we’re pre-gaming and carrying a booster seat at the same time. I can just hang these on my ears, leave the phone in my pocket and keep pushing.

Shinola Backpack: This natural leather beauty is my baby. It’s my stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready bag! I leave it in the trunk when I’m not using it for work because you never know where the night may take you.


Jo malone perfume

Eos lip treatment
$11 –

Chanel makeup

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