Day: November 30, 2015

5 Day Stretch: White Button Up

 I absolutely hate the thought of trying to find something to wear to work in the morning. Unlike other corporate environments, our dress code is what one would call very relaxed. A lot of creatives don’t have time to stress over what to wear to work and stay sane with the stresses of their work load. You may notice that a VP at your place of employment wears the same shirt or jeans daily. They have eliminated the stress of getting dressed by purchasing multiples of what they are most comfortable in. I decided to give you 5 different looks for one basic white button up shirt. Escada Sport collared shirt $295 – Getting Back To Square One pencil skirt Markus Lupfer activewear pants Genetic Denim ripped jeans 3.1 Phillip Lim blue pants $570 – Rag bone jumpsuits romper $390 –