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How to Undo A Sent Gmail Email

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You just poured out your heart and soul to your current boyfriend/girlfriend via email. After you proofread it for misspelled words and any confusing jargons or language you look at the send button for a few minutes. All of the possible outcomes play in your head and boom, you build up the courage to hit send. As soon as your finger taps the mouse and hits the button that determines your relationship fate you realize that you just sent that email to your supervisor. Your brain is now fluttering with thoughts of how you are going to explain this one. Have no fear, Gmail is here with the email retraction option.

To configure the Undo Send feature (and make sure it’s enabled):
1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of your Gmail screen.
2. Click “Settings.”
3. Select the “General” tab, and navigate to “Undo Send.”
4. Check the “Enable Undo Send” radio button.
5. Using the dropdown menu, extend the cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds.
6. Scroll down and click “Save Changes.”

Breathe easy.

Now if only we had this function for text messaging…*sigh*.

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