Day: December 18, 2015

New Music: Kehlani ‘Did I’

Grammy nominated Kehlani shows no sign of stopping now giving us a new single entitled ‘Did I’ with Pop and Oak on the track and it wasn’t even 2 weeks ago when she hit us with ‘Torn’. ‘Did I’ sets her versatility tone switching between rhyming and vocal range. Preview her track below: Hate it or love it?

P.O.W.: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush

It’s a crucial moment…you have an important meeting and you discover that you’ve left your entire make up bag in your gym bag at home. Now you’re in a panic because how are you going to put your best face forward and all you have in your purse is one lousy lip gloss? Never fear, Yves Saint Laurent is here with a new all-in-one lip gloss and blush called ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush. Like any other time when inconvenience causes you to improvise this product permits killing two birds with one stone by using a formula that adds a pop of color to your lips and your cheeks. I was a little hesitant to use it because I have very sensitive skin, but after giving it a try I absolutely love it! Now you never have to worry that you’ve left your entire face in your gym bag. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Cheek available here.