Month: January 2016

ARROW Beauty Products: Would you wear make-up at the gym or nah?

What are you more concerned with when you go to the gym…a great workout to enhance your body’s physical appearance or picking up a date? If you’re more interested in a date or  looking good while you’re putting in work, the beauty gods have answered your prayers. Birchbox, the monthly subscription brand has created Arrow, a beauty brand that caters to those who prefer looking good in the face while getting fit in the waist. Arrow’s motto is to feature “lightweight, long-wearing, and refreshing makeup and skincare products — each created to enhance (not hide!) your natural beauty.” Currently, Birchbox has a limited-edition start kit ($36), including the Arrow make up bag ($12), a cooling cheek think ($9), color enhancing lip balm that adjusts according to your skin’s pH ($14) and aluminum-free deodorant ($9). The pricing is very reasonable, especially for it’s benefits. Take a look at the promotional video below. Would you try it? Thoughts?  

Adele is in touch with her inner HOODRAT…

You can lie to yourself all you want, but a little hoodrat lives in all of us. I’m very much in touch with my inner hoodrat who comes out to play every now and again…I think my boyfriend would say she [my inner hoodrat] is present all the time *shrugs*. Adele is seems to be pretty in tune with her inner hoodrat as well. Who can deny that when you listen to Adele sing, she tugs at your heartstrings, but listening to her rap Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” on James Corden’s carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show warmed my little hoodrat heart. She also covered the songs we all love like “Hello”, “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. You can fast forward to the 10:10 mark to hear Adele rap, but the entire 15 minute video is worth watching.

P.O.W.: Lanvin Clutch

I absolutely hate accessories that are heavily monogrammed or branded in the most absurd manner with the exception of a few brands that I love, i.e. Moschino. This Lanvin clutch caught my eye because Lanvin isn’t a brand that typically does excessive branding. You just kind of know what it is. Their design team was able to combine the elements of black enamel and polished goldtone detailed with a gold Lanvin bar which made for a big statement in a small package. If you’re wondering how much this little beauty is, I can tell you now it’s a pretty penny…$3,990 to be exact. But hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up and maybe your significant other loves you more than you’re aware of and will break the bank to prove it. I’ll drop a clue on where to purchase below. Thank me later. Lanvin Clutch, $3,990 available here.