Month: February 2016

Girl Talk: 13 “Crazy Girlfriends” Tell Their Side of the Story

“I tried breaking up with him, which made him to lose control of the car and crash, but he told everybody I took ahold of the wheel and crashed us into the side of the road.​”​ By Hannah Smothers Feb 9, 2016 Bad men have a cool habit of calling women “crazy” over the tiniest (and totally non-crazy) things, like getting rationally sad after a traumatic event, or having any sort of feeling that isn’t “I’m so happy and also I love to give blow jobs *giggle* *giggle*!” Being called “crazy” or referred to, post-relationship, as a “crazy ex-girlfriend” is so common that there’s an actual television show about this disgusting treachery. A recent ask thread on Reddit gave women who’ve been called “crazy girlfriends” a chance to tell their side of the story, which is both a great method of catharsis and a great way for men to see how irrational it is to call women crazy when really, they’re the ones acting like assholes. Here are 13 highlights from the thread. 1. “My mom died. You broke up with me at her funeral. I feel …

P.O.W.: Fendi Fur + Leather Slip-On Sneakers

I absolutely hate shoe strings. Before I put my sneakers on I take the strings and hide them neatly inside the shoes and it grinds my boyfriend’s gears:)  I have no desire to tie my shoestrings 100 times a day, tripping over them or getting them stuck in an escalator (this happened to me as a child). Don’t judge me. Either way I love the skater’s/slip on sneakers because they’re hassle free and very comfortable might I add. Designers are having a field day with design and embellishment ideas for the sneaker that can have office appeal. The fur embellishment of the Fendi slip-on sneakers grabbed my attention. This sneaker has side elastic inserts, leather upper, metallic lether detail, rubber toe, contrasing color stitching, shearling patches, rubber sole with fur composed of 70% calf and 30% lamb. The Fendi Fur + Leather Slip-On Sneakers are avaliable for purchase here.

When you felt the LOVE, the PAIN or the CURVE

Riding to the office this morning I had the urge to hear songs that touched my soul and yanked at my heart strings. These were my top 5 that made you feel the LOVE, the PAIN and the CURVE. Happy hump day! You felt the love in ‘I Don’t Want To Do Anything’ with Mary J. Blige featuring K-Ci Haily: See Mary and K-Ci in action: In Mary’s words: The LOVE made you wanna get on one knee or say “yes, i do” before he even asks in “Happily Ever After” with Case: You felt the PAIN in “Back Like That” with Ghostface Killa featuring Ne-Yo: Your felt the RESENTMENT that came along with that PAIN in “Resentment” with Beyoncé: You felt the CURVE when you tried to get that old thing back in “Girl Go On” with Ne-Yo: