Day: March 17, 2016

This Is How Much Each State Loves Weed 

Check your state casually just to be sure. By Lane Moore Mar 17, 2016 If you’ve been wondering how much everyone else in your state is obsessing over weed, Estately has you covered. Estately says they gathered these conclusions based on the state’s number of marijuana users, how affordable marijuana was in general, how much people were searching cannabis-related things on Google, how legal it is, and how much people were talking about it in the local press. Not surprisingly, the West Coast (which has several states with liberal marijuana laws) is really crushing it with their love of weed, while the Midwest is not that into it (or is afraid to talk about how very into it they are, who knows). Either way, bask in this knowledge and do with it what you wish. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram. From: Cosmopolitan

UBER: We can now bling their security hotline…

Uber has been one of the biggest conveniences since the cellular phone and cooked food, but how safe are we really? While there are some amazing drivers that Uber have employed, we’ve all heard the complaints…”my driver seemed high”, “he wouldn’t let me out the car until I gave him my number” or the most recent tragedy in Kalamazoo, where an Uber driver went on a shooting rampage killing six people randomly. It’s impossible for you to know if a driver is as safe as they appear. So, what do you do when you don’t feel safe? Who can you call? Well you can’t just call 911 and say, “Hey, my Uber driver seems weird…” and giving your driver one star doesn’t quite explain what made you feel uncomfortable. Uber is now offering comfort to Uber riders with their new Critical Safety Response Line being tested in 22 cities. The line can be used for everything from alerting a driver that you have left valuables in their car when they don’t answer their cell phone to reporting …

40 Acres & THE MULE

A woman’s confidence is in her gait. That confidence lies between her feet and ground. It’s just something about the mule that helps exhibit the strength in her walk. From the calf to the ankle, it’s all accentiuated by the mule that makes you work for that sexy walk. Here’s a peek at 7 of Spring/Summer 2016 sexiest mules. *NOTE: Prices subject to be lower than prices listed below. Kendall + Kylie mule shoes $150 – Giuseppe Zanotti clear heel shoes $735 – Proenza Schouler rose gold shoes $295 – Versace clear heel shoes $1,620 – Sophia Webster blue leather shoes $421 – Gucci green sandals $590 – Giuseppe Zanotti red stiletto shoes $685 –

Chloe’ & Maud Arnold’s Synocopated Ladies Tap to Beyonce’s “Formation”

Most people can barely walk in unison let alone tap dance, but sisters Chloe’ Arnold and Maud Arnold, leaders of the Syncopated Ladies tap dancing troupe make it look easy. They’ve gotten their troupe into “Formation” tapping Beyonce’s lastest single with style and grace. Just last year they went viral tapping away to Beyonce’s “7-11”. I love how they included tappers in other major cities to be apart of their video. Watch them work in the video above.