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Tom Ford’s Mermaid Dress in Vogue 2016

Rihanna is still in wig snatching mode and I’m almost positive she has no plans to stop yet. Rihanna started 2016 with a bang dropping her 8th studio album “Anti” selling 460 copies which now includes on demand audio and video streams. With that album she has now influenced one of the biggest changes in The Recording Industry’s Association of America creating a new Album Award methodology for its Gold and Platnium program. She kicked off the “Anti” World Tour 2016 featuring Travis Scott, cracked plasma tv screens with her steamy performance in her video “Work” and now she’s blessing the cover of the April 2016 Vogue US walking on water in Tom Ford’s Mermaid Dress embellished with sequins and rich in color. The asthectic of the entire image is is breathtaking. It really gives you the sense that she can walk on water and not get wet. What will she do next?

Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman

Hair: Yusef; Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo

Set Design: Bette Adams for Mary Howard Studio

Photographed at the home of Carlton and David Gebbia




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