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P.O.W.: Life Is Gucci

I’m back like I never left and the chill is getting real, real! Summer is almost over, cuffin’ season is in full swing, Netflix and chill requests are at an all time high and temps are hitting Fall lows. With all this in mind, mother nature has forced me to think fashionably warm thoughts. Then I bumped into this beauty. It’s aesthetics took me back to the 80s fashion nostalgia with a boxy sweatshirt fit, Gucci’s signature red and green web stripe and the ‘Life is Gucci’ graffiti inspired slogan. This stylish cotton/neoprene sweatshirt can be purchased at Selfridges and Co.

The ‘Life is Gucci’ sweatshirt is available for purchase here.

I’m clearly a words kind of girl, so the slogan was the initial draw for me. If you know me you know that my summer has been filled with leaving my job, a break up, hanging out, making new business connections, tons of laughing and the new boo. Summer 16′ has been quite a ride and with all of it’s ups and downs I can still tell the story and laugh about it. I thought I would be distraught, but I was actually relieved that I cut ties with all things stressful and actually started living a little. Through it all I’ve managed to keep my sanity, drink my water and mind my business. It all made me realize how good life is. If you woke up this morning, you’re living your life to the fullest, staying true to you and not apologizing for it….Life is definitely GUCCI.

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