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New Artist: H.E.R…..Who is she though?

For this Monday’s Music Monday, I found a new songstress that caught my ear. I was listening to Apple Music Radio, the R&B station, and bumped into a song titled ‘Losing’ and I couldn’t help, but stop and listen. I love a beautiful voice, but it’s always better with beautifully written lyrics. She opened with,“My ambition is attractive/My aggression isn’t passive/I promise with you/The butterflies in my stomach are active”, and immediately as a young woman I was able to relate. I then decided to listen to her entire EP and I loved it. Of course, you look at the album cover and can’t help but wonder…who is she? That’s when I put my Google skills to work. First, I Googled ‘H.E.R.‘ and an old movie popped up. Than I decided to add ‘Vol.1‘ and there it was. But as I read some of the articles they had no image to attach to the artist. It was like she mysteriously dropped an EP without revealing her actual identity. When google didn’t give me what I wanted I went to Twitter and searched around and there it was a picture of a girl by the name of Gabi Wilson, a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice. Gabi is No.1 right now on iTunes R&B/Soul charts and have been co-signed by Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, Pusha T, Tyrese and Bryson Tiller. Take a listen below.


Gabi Wilson /Photo Credit:BET

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