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Product of the Week (P.O.W.): PiaFloss

There’s always a sigh relief when you take your earrings off that have been pressed behind your ear all day from using your phone. But have you ever smelled either the earring or your fingers after you rub your lobe? Let’s be frank… ┬áthe smell is awful! I frequently take my earring stem and clean out my other two earring piercing holes just to make sure that smell and dirt is not lingering.

That made me wonder…is there a product that is able to get in that small, hard to reach place when you want to sanitize it. Low and behold, there is a product that does just that. PiaFloss is an ear piercing aftercare sterilization system. It helps to eliminate bacteria and bad smells produced by your piercing. Also, it helps to prevent eczema and dermatitis.

Just to give you an idea of what this product would remind you of….dental floss for the ears. As dental floss has a flavor, PiaFloss has a mint scent as well leaving your piercing smelling fresh and clean.

You can purchase PIAFLOSS here.

PiaFloss System Steps

PiaFloss Demo

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