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I’m a Professional Bullshitter.

Let me be brutally honest… I’m a bullshitter…a professional bullshitter at that. I’m the bullshitter that places reminders on Post-Its, my phone and my computer and will still wait until the last minute to begin a project, book a flight, spring clean, etc. I procrastinate with just about everything until I know I am forced to complete the task. This is not just because I’m a Class-A fuck up, but because I work so well under pressure. I’ve been this way since I was a kid. In college, my best grades came from waiting until 6am to write a paper knowing it was due at 10am.

This of course has spilled over into the production of this website. Not only have I procrastinated in launching this officially, but I have not given it my all. Not all of this is due to my procrastination antics. I’m a single mom with a 7 year old son, a teacher, an event coordinator, a girlfriend, the granddaughter of a 82 year old currently fighting a blood cancer, a friend to a few and an acquaintance to most. If it sounds like I have a lot going on…I do and you haven’t heard the half. So, imagine when I’m done with my day trying to sit down and put a content calendar together and get in the writing frame of mind and I’m tired…it’s a recipe for a masterpiece of minimalism. It wasn’t until after my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer that I realized that the one thing that I was running from because I didn’t have time was the one real thing that I have a passion for and is my greatest escape. Writing and this website haunts my thoughts daily. Two days ago I woke out of my sleep to find this quote from an application on my screen:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Sally Berger

I already knew what that meant and why it was on my screen…no more bullshitting, no more excuses…here’s to me getting started.



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