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This Is How Much Each State Loves Weed 

Check your state casually just to be sure. By Lane Moore Mar 17, 2016 If you’ve been wondering how much everyone else in your state is obsessing over weed, Estately has you covered. Estately says they gathered these conclusions based on the state’s number of marijuana users, how affordable marijuana was in general, how much people were searching cannabis-related things on Google, how legal it is, and how much people were talking about it in the local press. Not surprisingly, the West Coast (which has several states with liberal marijuana laws) is really crushing it with their love of weed, while the Midwest is not that into it (or is afraid to talk about how very into it they are, who knows). Either way, bask in this knowledge and do with it what you wish. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram. From: Cosmopolitan

Girl Talk: 13 “Crazy Girlfriends” Tell Their Side of the Story

“I tried breaking up with him, which made him to lose control of the car and crash, but he told everybody I took ahold of the wheel and crashed us into the side of the road.​”​ By Hannah Smothers Feb 9, 2016 Bad men have a cool habit of calling women “crazy” over the tiniest (and totally non-crazy) things, like getting rationally sad after a traumatic event, or having any sort of feeling that isn’t “I’m so happy and also I love to give blow jobs *giggle* *giggle*!” Being called “crazy” or referred to, post-relationship, as a “crazy ex-girlfriend” is so common that there’s an actual television show about this disgusting treachery. A recent ask thread on Reddit gave women who’ve been called “crazy girlfriends” a chance to tell their side of the story, which is both a great method of catharsis and a great way for men to see how irrational it is to call women crazy when really, they’re the ones acting like assholes. Here are 13 highlights from the thread. 1. “My mom died. You broke up with me at her funeral. I feel …

Positive Vibes: The Perfect Vibrator

You’re single and it’s that time of the year… again. You have no significant other, but you still have needs and right now your needs are not being satisfied. You could call so and so, but he stands on your last nerve and the other guy goes right into relationship mode after sex and that’s not what you signed up for. That leaves you to get the job done and who can satisfy you better than you? Before you break out that old toy maybe you should treat yourself to a new one. JimmyJane offers the ‘Hello Touch’ vibrator. It’s the smallest finger tip vibrator available optimized for internal and clitoral stimulation with ultra-supple silicone finger pads. JimmyJane ‘Hello Touch’ Pros: dual motors, three year warranty, water resistant, travel ready, great for couples and compact. JimmyJane vibrator available for purchase here. Vibease offers a hands-free, wearable vibrator with smart phone integration. This vibrator lends more to the imagination with an erotica book that goes beyond just using a vibrator taking you into fantasy. The vibrator vibrates in perfect sync …