Modern-Closet-Doors-Sliding-Idea.jpgComing Soon!!!

My closet will feature in authenticated luxury consignment. We will offer a selection of pre-owned and authenticated luxury items including women’s luxury fashion, fine jewelry & watches. There will be pieces from designers such as Tom Ford, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton; jewelry and watches from Chanel, Rolex, Movado and hundreds of others. Items will sell quickly. Stay tuned for launch date updates!


OoohKelly Emporium SS.png

The essence of the OoohKelly Emporium is the combination of quality, simplicity and a timeless silhouette that empowers women. The end result takes clean lines paired with supplies from all over the world, giving each piece a minimal feeling. OoohKelly Emporium is set to launch Feb 1st 2016.

Visit for a preview or click ‘Shop the Boutique’ under the ‘Shop’ menu option.


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