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Take Flight: Pack Light, Dress Comfortable

4-pieces necessary for the spontaneous girl’s escapade.  Light Leather Jacket: It’s much easier to get sick when traveling with all of the new germs you’re expose to and the change in temperature and not to mention the air conditioning in airports and on airplanes. Keep the cold at bay by wearing a jacket to keep you warm. Flats: Bunions and corns are not attractive. The stress that heels put on your feet when traveling is unnecessary. Give your feet a rest and wear a pair of chic flats. Backpack: A weekend trip does not require your entire closet. Grab a few light items and go! Joggers: Those tiny airplane seats are already uncomfortable, so why wear anything that will make matters worst? Joggers are great for comfort. Primeboots clothing $495 – S/W/F white pants $135 – Alice Olivia sneaker Balenciaga backpack

5 Day Stretch: White Button Up

 I absolutely hate the thought of trying to find something to wear to work in the morning. Unlike other corporate environments, our dress code is what one would call very relaxed. A lot of creatives don’t have time to stress over what to wear to work and stay sane with the stresses of their work load. You may notice that a VP at your place of employment wears the same shirt or jeans daily. They have eliminated the stress of getting dressed by purchasing multiples of what they are most comfortable in. I decided to give you 5 different looks for one basic white button up shirt. Escada Sport collared shirt $295 – Getting Back To Square One pencil skirt Markus Lupfer activewear pants Genetic Denim ripped jeans 3.1 Phillip Lim blue pants $570 – Rag bone jumpsuits romper $390 –