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Beauty: Have A One Night Stand With Your Nail Polish

You’ve got a date and your nails are currently a hot ass mess. Your nail polish is chipped and you don’t have the time nor the energy to remove it. What if you could just peel it off in one motion and keep pushing? Orly just made this possible with their new peel off base coat ‘One Night Stand’. You can now use this base coat, use your favorite lacquer over it and in 1-2 days you can peel it off and start from scratch without damaging your nail bed. Click image below to purchase.

P.O.W.: Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush

It’s a crucial moment…you have an important meeting and you discover that you’ve left your entire make up bag in your gym bag at home. Now you’re in a panic because how are you going to put your best face forward and all you have in your purse is one lousy lip gloss? Never fear, Yves Saint Laurent is here with a new all-in-one lip gloss and blush called ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Blush. Like any other time when inconvenience causes you to improvise this product permits killing two birds with one stone by using a formula that adds a pop of color to your lips and your cheeks. I was a little hesitant to use it because I have very sensitive skin, but after giving it a try I absolutely love it! Now you never have to worry that you’ve left your entire face in your gym bag. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Baby Doll’ Kiss & Cheek available here.  

Try It Before You Buy It: OPI Nail Studio

All women do it… we walk into the nail salon with chosen nail polish in hand and discover that there are so many more colors on the spectrum to choose from. While you wait every color around you grabs your attention and you pick them up and test paint all of your nails trying to figure out what’s best. Then you finally make a decision and it does not include the $26 Chanel polish you walked into the salon with. What a waste! I have a real life issue with wasting money on a product that I will never use again and especially nail polish. What if you could try every nail polish color that your heart desired from the desk-side at work before you arrive at the nail shop? What if you could test them out without the smell of nail polish filling the air? There is a beauty God because O.P.I. has now made that possible! You can now visit O.P.I.’s Nail Studio and with a few steps you can make your final …

Beauty: Eye Alert

“After a long night or a long flight”…that was the line that grabbed my attention. Even though I don’t look a day over 14 years old, it is no secret that I am NOT a spring chicken. I’d been searching high and low for an eye cream that would combat eye fatigue, wrinkles and puffiness in one bottle. The gotcha, gotcha is that it had to use natural ingredients. I have super sensitive skin and I didn’t want to start another problem trying to solve the initial issue. So, I gathered my resources…Google! I searched ‘Top 10 Eye Creams of 2015” and like magic, every magazine and website that had an editorial piece covering eye creams popped up. I chose the top 5, read all of the online reviews and headed in-store to compare. I ended up discovering Kiehl’s products and fell in love. They were all natural and inexpensive. Kiehl’s Eye Alert has been everything to me. Depending on the weather, my eyes may or may not be puffy and sometimes I they may …