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P.O.W.: Lanvin Clutch

I absolutely hate accessories that are heavily monogrammed or branded in the most absurd manner with the exception of a few brands that I love, i.e. Moschino. This Lanvin clutch caught my eye because Lanvin isn’t a brand that typically does excessive branding. You just kind of know what it is. Their design team was able to combine the elements of black enamel and polished goldtone detailed with a gold Lanvin bar which made for a big statement in a small package. If you’re wondering how much this little beauty is, I can tell you now it’s a pretty penny…$3,990 to be exact. But hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up and maybe your significant other loves you more than you’re aware of and will break the bank to prove it. I’ll drop a clue on where to purchase below. Thank me later. Lanvin Clutch, $3,990 available here.

Take Flight: Pack Light, Dress Comfortable

4-pieces necessary for the spontaneous girl’s escapade.  Light Leather Jacket: It’s much easier to get sick when traveling with all of the new germs you’re expose to and the change in temperature and not to mention the air conditioning in airports and on airplanes. Keep the cold at bay by wearing a jacket to keep you warm. Flats: Bunions and corns are not attractive. The stress that heels put on your feet when traveling is unnecessary. Give your feet a rest and wear a pair of chic flats. Backpack: A weekend trip does not require your entire closet. Grab a few light items and go! Joggers: Those tiny airplane seats are already uncomfortable, so why wear anything that will make matters worst? Joggers are great for comfort. Primeboots clothing $495 – S/W/F white pants $135 – Alice Olivia sneaker Balenciaga backpack

P.O.W.:Tommy Hilfiger Flag Cropped Sweatshirt

My first thought when I spotted this cropped top was the Tommy Hilfiger 90s ad campaign with Aaliyah, Kidada Jones, Kate Hudson, Mark Ronson, Simon Rex and a host of others in an effort to urbanize the brand. I can even think of the Macy’s in-store campaign with Destiny’s Child. We didn’t have the in your face, over saturation of social media to keep the brand on our minds… just the artists we loved in ads to influence our fashion sense. It was the 90s…the good ol’ days. In an effort to revive the brand and revisit the 90s I have been seeing the wind breakers, bubble coats and underwear up and down my timeline in retweet after retweet. And of course, like everyone else you click the link to see where you can purchase those items and nothing! I happened to bump into this piece and figured I would share the wealth. So, here’s to nostalgia. Tommy Hilfiger Flagged Cropped Sweatshirt Available here.  

5 Day Stretch: White Button Up

 I absolutely hate the thought of trying to find something to wear to work in the morning. Unlike other corporate environments, our dress code is what one would call very relaxed. A lot of creatives don’t have time to stress over what to wear to work and stay sane with the stresses of their work load. You may notice that a VP at your place of employment wears the same shirt or jeans daily. They have eliminated the stress of getting dressed by purchasing multiples of what they are most comfortable in. I decided to give you 5 different looks for one basic white button up shirt. Escada Sport collared shirt $295 – Getting Back To Square One pencil skirt Markus Lupfer activewear pants Genetic Denim ripped jeans 3.1 Phillip Lim blue pants $570 – Rag bone jumpsuits romper $390 –

Moncler x The Rolling Stone Capsule Collection

Designers have found the perfect way to capture a collaboration still managing to save money on the production end of the deal with capsules. Capsules are the new mini collections that we are seeing more and more of. Moncler has joined the crowd teaming up with The Rolling Stones for the new spring 2016 men’s capsule collection to celebrate their [Moncler’s] 50th anniversary. These four lightweight padded leather jackets are perfect for spring in their construction and the added touch of The Rolling Stone’s iconic logo – a large mouth with the tongue stick out is the ‘one of its kind’ added value. Looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the man you love, hint, hint ladies! Expect the capsule collection to be available in Moncler flagships, selected luxury department stores and on starting this month.    

My Style in a Day’s Work

They say you work how you’re dressed, so if you look like a slob you won’t have it in your spirit to get much done. If you’re dressed like a million bucks you might be pretty damn productive. I would hold this philosophy as true. I work in a very relaxed and casual environment and it’s hard not to dress in Nike’s finest looking like a stylish soccer mom on a daily basis. I truly appreciate being comfortable, but on the flip side I feel amazing when I’ve put effort into getting dressed for work. I even get up from my desk more than I normally would when I’m in my Dri-Fit. To make sure I am comfortably stylish and productive, here are the 5 pieces that help me make that happen: Apple Watch: I love, love, love my Apple watch. Without a doubt I am a watch girl, but because I am a girl who who works in marketing with emails to answer, endless conference calls and meetings I have to find a way …

Style: The Luxury Minimalist

The Luxury Minimalist by ooohkelly featuring rag bone jeans Balmain military style shirt $215 – Rag & bone rag bone jeans $210 – Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps $655 – Chloé shoulder strap handbag